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Debuff aura in raid group

Created by Multic | Created: 2019-03-07T19:55:15+01:00 | Views: 227 | Votes: 0 | Suggestions: 0


Hi, Im looking for an aura that will show me in column the names of people affected by particular debuff and his progress timer. For example we are progressing at the moment Tinker on Mythic and I would like to see which 3 people have the Gigavolt Blast (Bomb) debuff on them and when the debuff will expire and explode. The example is down below:


I dont need marks, I just want the names of the affected players and the timer when debuff expire. It would be nice if the aura would be written to suit also on other encounters/spells by change the debuff spell ID in Trigger/Exact Spell ID

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