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Help with Atral power

Created by volcom783 | Created: 2017-12-13T13:04:31+01:00 | Views: 104 | Votes: 0 | Suggestions: 0



I made a progression bar to track astal power. I want a custom color change depending of the power.

In Animations tab / main.

type : custom / time in se / 1 sec

“Checked” color / type : custom fonction

here is code i found in the internet :

function(progress, r1, g1, b1, a1, r2, b2, a2)

local player_rage = UnitPower(“player”, 1)
local red, green, blue = 0,0,0

if player_rage > 85 then
red, green, blue = 1,1,1
elseif player_rage > 60 then
red, green, blue = 0,1,0
red, green, blue = 1,0,0

return red, green, blue, 1


all i want to do to track astral power.. 0-39 RED 40-79 GREEN 80-100 BLUE.

I want to do the same with all power but can’t find how to replace de “Player_(rage)”. For player_astral power .. maelstorm etc…

thank you

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