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Stagger trouble

Created by DJRomchik | Created: 2018-08-03T02:56:36+02:00 | Views: 363 | Votes: 0 | Suggestions: 0


Heya guys, i’m the future raid tank monk in BfA and i would need some help with stagger bar. Previously i used https://www.weakauras.online/en/a/XRkAx8XAob this progress bar, but it broke after stat-squish.
What i would need is stagger bar with:
-Current hp loss/tick
-Whole dmg staggered
-Changing colors for light/moderate/heavy stagger (but that’s actually just some cosmetics and not really needed but would appreciate to)
The link above offers all i needed, but even after investigation i can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. My idea is “numbers of minimum staggered dmg to show weakaura are too high and it simply doesn’t want to appear”. P.S. there were also some trouble with indicators in wrong language, but it simply changed inside the code from english to whatever language you use to make it work (at least, that was worked in Legion)

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