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Cstm trigger to allow clickable btn to make BfA WA

Created by Eluk1234 | Created: 2018-03-29T15:24:54+02:00 | Views: 796 | Votes: 0 | Suggestions: 0


Hi there,
I’ve been playing Alpha and I’m amazed no one has created WA for one click, post to party/instance/raid or lfr a quick and dirty boss strat to help with pugs and early days of BfA when strat isn’t well known yet. Been running instance on Alpha and gathering data for addon but can’t work out WA yet and don’t have enough time to learn LUA :(

I’ve managed to get this far:
Loads based on zone ID
Display specific Icon (so can choose icon that looks like right boss)
Trigger 1: Status > Conditions > Always active trigger
Trigger 2: Custom > Trigger State Updater > Every Frame >
local r=WeakAuras.regions[‘0BossTest1’].region
local b=CreateFrame(“Button”,“MyButton”,r,“SecureActionButtonTemplate”)

b:SetAttribute(“macrotext1”,“/raid [group:raid]hello\n”..
/stopmacro [group:raid]\n"..
“/i [group:party]hello\n”..
“/stopmacro [group:party]\n”..
“/say hello”")

return true

I’d need a clickable button that appears based on zone ID (being in instance) and will report to /i, /r, /p in that order depending on what you are in. I can duplicate and add to groups so they can be moved as one, fill in strat, zone IDs, and choose an appropriate display icon and name for each one. I just need the code I can duplicate to do each one off initially.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks so much

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