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Timeline for CD usage

Created by Hambo | Created: 2017-10-31T05:55:36+01:00 | Views: 643 | Votes: 1 | Suggestions: 0


Basically I need a timeline to help me track which combinations of CD’s I need to use, similar to this addon?


But the only things that will roll down are the icons for 3 abilities.

At 40 seconds, a dark transformation icon..

At 90 seconds, a dark transformation icon AND an Apocalpyse (Unholy DK artifact ability) Icon

At 130 seconds, a dark transformation AND a Dark Arbiter icon

180 seconds, a dark transformation icon AND an Apocalpyse (Unholy DK artifact ability) Icon

220 seconds, a dark transformation icon

270 seconds, a dark transformation, apocalpyse AND dark arbiter icon

then it basically just repeats,

40 seconds later (310 seconds) its dark tranformation

50 seconds later (360 seconds) apocalpyse and dark transformation

40 seconds later (400 seconds) dark transformation and dark arbiter

Ive no idea how complex this is to code, but I just need some sort of a ‘timeline’ showing my icons spaced apart 40-50 seconds so that I dont use CD’s when I should be lining them up with others if that makes sense? They are spaced specifically so for example, I might wait 50 seconds instead of 40 seconds, but that is because a big cooldown is ready in 50 that needs to be coincided with the other cooldown.

Any help learning how to do this or code would be massively appreciated!!!!

Kind Regards!


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