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Othy's Enhancement Kit

Created: 2018-03-23T22:31:45+01:00 | Updated: 2018-08-25T18:32:31+02:00 | Version: 2.0.0 | Addon: Battle for Azeroth | Views: 2,907


A little something I made and have been using and improving over the years.  PurgeThis was given to me and included - works nice :)  Tooltips on all auras with a note if they make a sound.

This does not tell you what to do next, it just let’s you keep an eye on your buff/cds/etc.

Layout is designed to go with my icehud bars, but it should be easy enough to arrange to fit your own UI.


WeakAura Code

Current version: 2.0.0

Finally updated for BfA.  Updated buffs and debuffs from Flametongue, Rockbiter, Earthen Spike, and Lightning Shield.  Improved some of the tooltips.  Does not include warmode auras.
Version WoW Addon Updated


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New features available

  • Aura classification and categories for the Battle for Azeroth addon.
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