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Bio's Vengance Demon Hunter HUD

Created: 2018-09-17T19:00:42+02:00 | Updated: 2018-09-17T19:00:42+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Battle for Azeroth | Views: 2,417


Bio’s Vengance Demon Hunter HUD helps you track most vengance DH cooldowns and spells aswell as the Sigil of fire dot on your current target to maintain maximum uptime.

Feel free comment on this page if you have any issues with using this addon also remeber to vote for this weakaura if found it usefull <3


Weak Aura Code
  1. Open WeakAura (type /w)

  2. Click on the “New” button (left hand side)

  3. Click the “Import” button (Bottom)

  4. Paste the WeakAura string/text

Media Files/Images
  1. Ensure that World of Warcraft is not running

  2. Download all 5 images (aditional files)

  3. Navigate to your interface folder in the World of Warcraft game folder (World of Warcraft\Interface)

  4. Create a folder in interface called “BiosVengance”

  5. Copy the downloaded .tga images from step two into the newly created folder “BiosVengance”

If all went well and you are in DH Vengance spec the overlay should show.

WeakAura Code

Additional files

Name Size Updated
LeftGem.tga 19.97 KB
RightGem.tga 20.36 KB
HornRight.tga 87.15 KB
HornLeft.tga 94.71 KB
dhbackground.tga 1.3 MB
Download all files as ZIP

Current version: 1.0.0

Version WoW Addon Updated


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