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Ablution - Fire Mage - Bronze Dragonflight EU

Created: 2016-08-19T00:55:19+02:00 | Updated: 2016-08-19T00:57:37+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Legion | Views: 9,768


A little fire mage WA i made for a friend, might aswell share it in here <3

Look a like my Priest / druid WA :)

you might want to change the load to mage only :)

all talents changes to what you have picked, also display passive if that is picked

feel free to check out my Twitch.tv channel at:

Phoenix's Flames cd (icon)
Phoenix's Flames off cd (icon)
Pyroblast (icon)
Pyroblast not on (icon)
Blink on cd (icon)
Blink off cd (icon)
Kindling (icon)
Meteor (icon)
Meteor off (icon)
Cinderstorm (icon)
Cinderstorm off (icon)
Incanthers flow pasive (icon)
Rune of Powerd (icon)
Rune of Powerd cd (icon)
Mirror image (icon)
Mirror image off (icon)
Unstable Magic pasive (icon)
Flame Patch pasive (icon)
Living Bomb off (icon)
Living Bomb (icon)
Heating up (icon)
Heating up not up (icon)
Hot streak (icon)
Hot streak not up (icon)
1-enhanced-pyrotechnics (model)
2-enhanced-pyrotechnics (model)
Rune of Power off cd (icon)
Rune of Power on cd (icon)
Combustion off cd (icon)
Combustion on cd (icon)
Controlled Burn pasive (icon)
Flame On off cd (icon)
Flame On on cd (icon)
Blast Wave off cd (icon)
Blast Wave on cd (icon)
Ice Floes off cd (icon)
Ice Floes on cd (icon)
Frost Nova off cd (icon)
Frost Nova on cd (icon)
Ring of Frost off cd (icon)
Ring of Frost on cd (icon)
Ice Barrier off cd (icon)
Ice Barrier on cd (icon)
Counter spell off cd (icon)
Counter spell on cd (icon)
Ice Block off cd (icon)
Ice Block on cd (icon)
Time Warp off cd (icon)
Time warp on cd (icon)
bg (texture)
Fire Blast CD bar 2 (aurabar)
Fire Blast CD bar 2 (aurabar)
Fire Blast CD bar 2 cover (texture)
Combustion-Timer-Bar (aurabar)


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