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Kai's Protector HUD - 7.2.5 Ready

Created: 2017-07-02T01:02:27+02:00 | Updated: 2017-07-02T01:02:27+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Legion | Views: 872


Primary HUD for Kai's Protector Suite.

The stars indicate charges for the ability that they are under. As a note, Judgement does not currently have stars above it to indicate charges because I felt that it made the HUD unbalanced and only served to be clutter when added. However, if you'd like to use them, I included them in the HUD; you just have to activate them yourself.

Note: Custom LUA for Hand of the Protector, Light of the Protector, and Shield Glow


WeakAura Code

Current version: 1.0.0

Changelog 7/1/17
Added a light-blue bar at the top of the HUD for the duration of Seraphim. Should make that much clearer for use!

This is a collection of 48 auras:

Judge Star (texture)
Judge Empty (texture)
Judge Star 2 (texture)
Judge Empty 2 (texture)
BH Star (texture)
BH Empty (texture)
BH Star 2 (texture)
BH Empty 2 (texture)
BH Star 3 (texture)
BH Empty 3 (texture)
HotR Star (texture)
HotR Star 2 (texture)
SotR Star (texture)
SotR Empty (texture)
SotR Star 2 (texture)
SotR Empty 2 (texture)
SotR Star 3 (texture)
SotR Empty 3 (texture)
SotR Up (texture)
SotR Up Duration (text)
DS Up (aurabar)
Seraphim UP (aurabar)
EoT Down (aurabar)
EoT Duration (aurabar)
EoT Ready (aurabar)
AW CD (aurabar)
AW Duration (aurabar)
AW Ready (aurabar)
Consecrate (icon)
Crusader's Judge (icon)
Judge (icon)
Blessed Hammer (icon)
Hammer of the Righteous (icon)
AS (icon)
Grand Crusade (icon)
Center Border (texture)
Background (texture)
SoR (icon)
Paladin-Protection Hand of the Protector v4.4 (icon)
Paladin-Protection Light of the Protector v4.4 (icon)
HoR (icon)
BoF (icon)
BoSac (icon)
BoP (icon)
BoSpell (icon)
Eye of Tyr (icon)
AD CD (icon)
GotAK CD (icon)
Version WoW Addon Updated

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