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FinalAsgard's Dungeon Heals

Created: 2018-09-24T03:33:03+02:00 | Updated: 2018-09-24T03:33:03+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Battle for Azeroth | Views: 1,088


Shows the cooldowns for several of the most used Holy Spells for dungeon use.

The second row is reserved for longer cooldown spells and stays hidden and out of the way until needed (when something is on CD).

The green flashy thing underneath shows that your focus target (I always set focus on the tank) has Renew on it.


The number in the lower right hand corner of the top row is my action bar number for that spell. To change it, select the spell in the Weak Auras menu, then under Display settings set TEXT 2 to whatever number you want, or uncheck the box to hide that number altogether.

WeakAura Code

Current version: 1.0.0

Version WoW Addon Updated


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