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Veng Defense Buffs

Created: 2016-08-09T02:05:22+02:00 | Updated: 2017-01-03T20:31:53+01:00 | Version: 2.0.1 | Addon: Legion | Views: 4,079


Displays information relevant to your current active mitigation or cooldowns. Bigger icons for more important mitigation.

  • Demon Spikes (duration)
  • Fiery Brand (debuffing target, duration)
  • Empower Wards (duration)
  • Metamorphosis (duration)
  • Soul Barrier (includes absorb amount)
  • Soul Carver (debuffing target, duration)
  • Painbringer (% damage reduction)
  • Siphoned Power (duration)
  • Soul Fragments
  • Feast of Souls (duration)
  • Some item effects (trinkets, legendaries)


WeakAura Code

Current version: 2.0.1

Changed Painbringer to display % damage reduction.
Removed some item effects (trinkets).
Version WoW Addon Updated

Included in collections

Title Author Updated


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New features available

  • Additional in-game informationen (URL, author, title, version) embedded in your auras.
  • Page-Header can no be deactivated in the user settings.
  • Simplified workflow for creation of new aura versions.
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Planned Features

  • Revision of the forms
  • WeakAura Request
  • Notifications
  • WeakAuras.online App
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