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Kai's Retribution CDs - 7.2.5 Ready

Created: 2017-07-02T01:23:29+02:00 | Updated: 2017-07-02T01:23:29+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Legion | Views: 230


This is the bottom bar of Kai's Retribution Suite. This displays relevant Ret Pally cooldowns.


WeakAura Code

Current version: 1.0.0

This is a collection of 12 auras:

RetRepentance (icon)
RetBlinding Light (icon)
RetArcane Torrent (icon)
RetWar Stomp (icon)
RetConsecration (icon)
RetHoly Wrath (icon)
RetEye for an Eye (icon)
RetWord of Glory (icon)
CleanseToxins 2 (icon)
Gift of the Naaru 2 (icon)
Stoneform 2 (icon)
Every Man For Himself 2 (icon)
Version WoW Addon Updated

Included in collections

Title Author Updated


If you see any visual changes on our site: We have started with our UI facelift.

New features available

  • Added new categories for the new 7.3 raid "Antorus, the Burning Throne".
  • Added new categories for the new 7.2 raid "Tomb of Sargeras".
  • New auras now are publicly visible by default.
  • Additional in-game informationen (URL, author, title, version) embedded in your auras.
  • Page-Header can no be deactivated in the user settings.
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Planned Features

  • WeakAura Request
  • Notifications
  • Revision of the forms
  • WeakAuras.online App
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