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Presance's Shadowpriest Rotation Weakaura

Created: 2018-03-04T03:00:47+01:00 | Updated: 2018-03-14T03:45:27+01:00 | Version: 1.0.1 | Addon: Legion | Views: 280


This is a basic rotation/cooldown tracker for a level 110 Shadowpriest. Appears when in range of enemy units and disappears when no enemies are targeted. Also has a built-in incoming GCD tracker for Mind Blast, Void Bolt, and Void Torrent so you know what to cast next. Basically spam mind flay while you’re waiting to mash the next button that’s coming up in the rotation.


Just copy the aura code and you should be good to go. One thing you may want to adjust is the Voidform stacks text to be a bit higher under the conditions tab. It’s currently set to 25 as a sort of heads-up to get ready to mindbender in a few seconds, so you can easily pump it up to 28 or higher if that’s when you want to use it.

WeakAura Code

Current version: 1.0.1

Updated Auras to properly display when Void Eruption is useable with Shadow Crash/Surrender to Madness selected.
Version WoW Addon Updated


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