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Hunter/Caçador Buff/Skill CD PT-BR

Created: 2018-08-08T23:08:15+02:00 | Updated: 2018-08-08T23:08:15+02:00 | Version: 1.0.0 | Addon: Legion | Views: 103


  1. [Comando para Matar] [Kill Command]

  2. [Tiro Quimérico] [Chimaera Shot]

  3. [Fera Atroz] [Dire Beast]

  4. [Disparo Farpado] [Barbed Shot]

  5. [Bando de Corvos] [A Murder of Crows]

  6. [Intimidação] [Intimidation]

  1. [Aspecto do Indomado] [Aspect of the Wild]

  2. [Fúria Sangrenta] [Blood Fury]

  3. [Ira Bestial] [Bestial Wrath]

  4. [Fúria Primata] [Primal Rage]

  5. [Aspecto do Guepardo] [Aspect of the Cheetah]

  6. [Aspecto da Tartaruga] [Aspect of the Turtle]

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