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Kai's Retribution HUD - Updated for 7.2.5

Created: 2017-07-02T01:16:42+02:00 | Updated: 2017-07-13T04:06:53+02:00 | Version: 1.3.1 | Addon: Legion | Views: 7,095


This is the primary HUD for Kai's Retribution Suite. Never leave home without it! Includes lua script for MiniHekili's Retribution WA and Smugmug's Liadrin's Fury Unleashed Tick Timer (https://wago.io/Vkgi8HAkf).

As a note, I reduced the number of targets to activate Divine Storm changes from 3 to 2 (which produces a dps increase with full artifact talents); if you don't have the Divine Storm talents, you can change it in the WA options for "MiniHekili Retribution - previous version" in the "actions" tab custom code, line 2 (change the 2 to 3).

The top red bar is your artifact's charge and will drain if a debuff is applied to an enemy. At which point, it will then recharge.
The bottom gold bar is for Crusade or Avenging Wrath.
A blue bar will appear at the bottom of the HUD for when Divine Steed is in use.

NOTE: Currently working on cleaning up the recomendations to consider Hero/Lust, Liadrin's, Crusade stacks, and Scarlet Inquisitor's Expurgation. Bear with me as coding is not my expertise! (recomendations/tips accepted)


WeakAura Code

Current version: 1.3.1

Changelog 7/12/17
- Fixed an error that was causing Divine Hammer to be recommended inappropriately

Changelog 7/7/17
- Added a set detector to Hekili; if you wear 4pc T20, it will now properly recommend Blade of Justice or Divine Hammer at 2 HP or less instead of 3

Changelog 5/10/17
- Fixed Hekili; reverted to 3 targets on DS for some reason. Changed back to 2

Changelog 4/30/17
- Fixed the Avenging Wrath cooldown bar when using Divine Purpose or Holy Wrath
- Updated the conditions for Blessings warning to appear

Changelog 1/17/17:
- MiniHekili's was buggy; disabled while I work on it. Previous version is reinstated for now.

Changelog 1/16/17:
- Updated rotation for 7.1.5
- Added cooldown times on Wake of Ashes and Crusade/Avenging Wrath
- Added Smugsmug's Liadrin's Fury Unleashed Tick Timer Updated for 7.1.5
- Renamed some auras for clarity

This is a collection of 40 auras:

RetHP (texture)
RetHP Empty (texture)
RetHP 2 (texture)
RetHP Empty 2 (texture)
RetHP 3 (texture)
RetHP Empty 3 (texture)
RetHP 4 (texture)
RetHP Empty 4 (texture)
RetHP 5 (texture)
RetHP Empty 5 (texture)
Wake CD (aurabar)
Wake Duration (aurabar)
Wake Ready (aurabar)
AW CD 3 (aurabar)
AW Duration 3 (aurabar)
AW Ready 3 (aurabar)
RetCrusade Stacks (text)
RetHammer (icon)
RetStunned (aurabar)
RetRebuke (icon)
RetInterrupted (aurabar)
MiniHekili Retribution 3 (icon)
Center Border (texture)
RetSoV (icon)
RetSteed (icon)
RetCavalier (icon)
RetBoF (icon)
RetBoF Up (aurabar)
RetBoF Up Uther (aurabar)
RetBoP (icon)
RetBoP Up (aurabar)
RetBoP Up Uther (aurabar)
RetLoH (icon)
RetBubble (icon)
RetDS Up (aurabar)
Blessing Kings (icon)
Blessing Wisdom (icon)
RetFires of Justice1 (texture)
RetFires of Justice2 (texture)
RetBackground (texture)
Liadrin's Fury Unleashed Tick Timer Updated for 7.1.5
Version WoW Addon Updated

Included in collections

Title Author Updated


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